Klaas Koopmans and his beloved landscape


November 5 to January 30, 2022 (cabinet presentation)


The Frisian artist Klaas Koopmans (1920-2006) was a member of the expressionist painting group Yn 'e Line. He felt connected to the 'old' cultural landscape as he knew it from his youth. He was saddened to see how his living environment was increasingly affected by economic interests and land consolidation. Koopmans painted the landscape the way he loved it, but also captured farm life, animals and village views. In the museum a cabinet is devoted to his work, with paintings from private ownership and a recent acquisition from its own collection.

B.C Epker – Dutch Constellations


November 5 to January 30, 2022 (cabinet presentation)

In ink, pencil, pen and gouache, visual artist B.C. Epker (1968) sketches worlds that seem familiar at first sight. In traditional Dutch landscapes or in a mountainous environment, Christian saints, Greek gods, Dutch navigators, historical figures, armed activists and innocent girls figure. The artist himself wrote about the series of works that can now be seen in one of our cabinets:

“On a Frisian mound you are standing on 2500 years of history. Sometimes you will find Roman statues of gods, Frankish fibulas or prehistoric utensils. It's always windy. The double dose of oxygen and the roaring history beneath your feet generate a kind of narcotic intoxication. The series of woodcuts reports on this. Just like our existence, the works are layered and constructed from fragments of fascinations, ambitions, specters, hunches, fractures, prejudices and confusions – welded together into constellations that constantly generate new meanings.” B.C. Epker

Fred Landsman


October 4 to January 30, 2022 (cabinet presentation)


Fred Landsman lives and works in Holwerd. For decades the Wadden landscape has inspired him to create images in which a tension is palpable between the immeasurable space and

the lonely figure of a human being. The vastness of the Wadden can also be seen as a mirror for inner experiences. This presentation will be accompanied by a publication (in Dutch) with a text by Huub Mous and an introduction by Han Steenbruggen.

Filmmaker Albert Jensma spoke and filmed the artist in his exhibition.

Watch the movie here

Jentsje Popma


September 30 to December 5, 2021 (cabinet presentation)


On September 30, Jentsje Popma hopes to turn 100 years old. We are celebrating this with a cabinet presentation with landscapes from our own collection, the collection of FB Oranjewoud and loans from private individuals. Over the course of his life, the Frisian artist Jentsje Popma (1921) has developed into a versatile artist: sculptor, glazier, draftsman, painter and teacher at the art academy Minerva in Groningen.

Statues and windows by his hand are still visible in public places. His paintings mainly show landscapes, dikes and the Wadden. Popma captured the vast Frisian landscape by standing in the middle of it: full of colour, monumental in surface division and with a special eye for the lines in the landscape.

Bornmeer has published a book about the life and work of the artist under the title Jentsje Popma, artist with a mission (in Dutch). With texts by Erik Betten, Susan van den Berg and Jan Henk Hamoen. Exhibitions by Jentsje Popma can also be seen in the Grote Kerk in Leeuwarden (until 2 October) and in the Fries Museum (from 30 September 2021 to 17 April 2022).

Milly Betten


October 4 to December 5, 2021 (cabinet presentation)


Milly Betten has been living and working in North Friesland for years. She is emphatically inspired by her immediate environment; the landscape and the villages in the vicinity of the Wadden dike. She processes her impressions into completely new images on the basis of reduction and ordering. This produces intriguing patterns.