Hotel arrangement


Looking for an attractive overnight stay? Museum Belvédère and the nearby Golden Tulip Tjaarda Oranjewoud have jointly developed an arrangement for each exhibition.



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'Uit de Kunst' excellent


Art, cheese and sausage! Combined with wine, beer or a non-alcoholic drink...


This package combines an interesting tour by one of our expert tour guides, with a relaxed after-dinner full of goodies. The price is €50 per person, excluding entrance fees. For this you will receive a guided tour, two drinks, a cheese platter and tasty sausage. Minimum participation is 5 people, maximum participation is 15 people.


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Food & Art walkingtour


A cultural and culinary trip!

Program of this package:

- reception at 11 a.m. at Museum Belvédère with a cup of coffee
- half-hour walk with the guide through a special piece of nature and along historical country estates to Golden Tulip Tjaarda
- Wâldbreak lunch at Grand Café 1834 van Golden Tulip Tjaarda Oranjewoud

- tour of the 19th century estate Oranjestein past ice cellar and menagerie with a look in the servant's kitchen
- drinks in the orangery with a nice glass of wine, riperkrite cheese and venison sausage from the estate


This arrangement ends at approximately 4.30 pm.
Costs: €45 p.p. for 20 people or more.

Optional: bike rental through Golden Tulip Tjaarda; a covered wagon Geele Bosch; or a guided tour of the Belvédère Museum € 65

For registration or more information, mail to: