Verhaald - Verbeeld

22 June – 22 September 2024


During the summer of 2024, Museum Belvédère will pay attention to the works of various artists who record personal experiences and fascinations in their work in series of drawings or paintings.


In the work of all participating artists, representations have been simplified into concise, illustrative images that sometimes have an alienating character, other times they carry the enchantment of a wonderful dream world.




The exhibition Verhaald - Verbeeld  consists of ten small solo presentations by:


Alexandrine (1903-1980), Pieter Hermanides (1932-2019), Frank Creton (1941), Barend Blankert (1941-2023), Erik Mattijssen (1957), Holly Witteveen (1948), Diederik Gerlach (1965), Marianne SchipaanBOd ( 1965), Michael van Rijckevorsel and Miriam van Houten (1984).


Herbert Nouwens 
Belvédère Suite

22 June – 22 September 2024



In the summer of 2024, the Dutch sculptor Herbert Nouwens (1954) will show six sculptures in the Museum Park of Museum Belvédère. Moreover, there will be a room presentation in the west wing consisting of smaller works. 


Because Nouwens wants to build an optimal interplay between the sculptures, the landscape and the museum, the exhibition will be named Belvédère Suite.



The constructive and destructive forces in our reality inspire the artist to create this exhibition. The theme of Life and Death is the leading motif in his work.

Nouwens has a preference for materials that have already had a life, that carry a history, so to speak.

He is known for his large constructions, usually in steel, sometimes in stainless steel. The sculptures are located everywhere in the Netherlands, including 20 permanent sculptures along the Brettenpad in Amsterdam.


Art Noord VI


26 September  – 29 September, 2024


Museum Belvédère is organizing the sixth edition of Art Noord, in collaboration with 17 participating galleries and art dealers. Art Noord is the only art fair in a museum in the Netherlands. Art Noord is the platform where modern and contemporary art from the north and other parts of the Netherlands are displayed in a museum atmosphere and offered for sale.


Het gedroomde museum 
The own collection as reflection


12 October  – 2 February, 2025


Museum Belvédère permanently displays its own collection in constantly changing constellations and often in conjunction with the work of guest exhibitors. On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary, the museum is giving a new interpretation to this formula with the exhibition Het gedroomde museum (The Dreamed Museum).

In this extensive presentation in both museum wings, it shows works of art from its own collection in conjunction with works of art from other museums and from private collections – masterpieces that connect with the own collection and give it a broad (inter)national context.

With the exhibition The Dreamed Museum, Museum Belvédère wants to draw attention to its own collection, to masterpieces from elsewhere that relate to the collection and draw attention to collection mobility.