17 June to 24 September 2023


The exhibition REGENERATE is part of the annual Noorderlicht Photo festival. In collaboration with Museum Belvédère, the 2023 Noorderlicht Photo festival brings together works exploring the transformations our modern societies face. In today’s world many people feel a sense of disconnection. Regeneration means seeing oneself and the world we are living in as built around reciprocal relationships that are benefical to all. A rebalanced worldview means that humans (including their technological accomplishments) and other living beings rely on one another in the world’s ecosystems, for their health, wellbeing and existence.

By exhibiting projects that address new ways of thinking, the festival and Museum Belvédère aim to freely ask us questions about where we want to go and how to get there. Questions about the times that we are living in and a time that has yet to arrive.

image: Najdowski

Tames Oud


17 June to 24 September 2023


In collaboration with the Ameland Cultural History Museum, Museum Belvédère is organizing a retrospective of the Ameland-born artist Tames Oud. While on Ameland the emphasis is on topographical recognizability, Museum Belvédère focuses on the artistic development of Oud.

Giorgio Morandi and The Netherlands


17 June to 24 september 2023 


As a follow-up to the successful Giorgio Morandi and Bologna exhibition, Museum Belvédère presents a sequel five years later, focusing on Morandi's paintings in Dutch museum and private collections. Morandi's painting Natura Morta from 1955, which was donated to the museum in 2018, is the starting point.

The exhibition is being organized as part of Buitenkans, a project initiated by the Rembrandt Association and the Turing Foundation, which gives museums the opportunity to borrow important works of art from major museums for a project related to their own collection.

Remembering Tripgemaal 


17 june to 24 September 2023


In the late summer of 2022, visual artist Theo de Feyter spent a few weeks in the Tripgemaal in Gersloot, at the invite of Jort and Miriam Mercuur. In many drawings, De Feyter recorded his impressions of the space and the many objects that Thom Mercuur, founder of Museum Belvédère, brought together until his death in 2016. The drawings mark the farewell to a long period in which Tripgemaal was an exhibition space and a meeting place for artists, collectors and friends.

For decades, Tripgemaal was under the inspiring leadership of Thom Mercuur and from 2016 until November 2022 under the leadership of Jort and Miriam Mercuur. Artist Tjibbe Hooghiemstra has now moved into the former pumping station.

A variation of Voermans Genius Loci will be on display at the Museumpark. 

Rob Voerman - Ferropolis


17 June to 24 September 


Three installations by Dutch sculptor and installation artist Rob Voerman (1966) will soon be on display in the Museum Park of Museum Belvédère. Simultaneously, a selection of his graphic work, sculptures and photographs will be on dislay in a roompresentation in the west wing. In the Museum Park, it is mostly steel sculptures combined with colored glass and a larger art installation that visitors can enter.

Rob Voerman's monumental architectural constructions, sculptures, delicate drawings and staged photographs are disturbing and seductive at the same time. They sketch a perfectly constructed, utopian world with apocalyptic touches. A world that proliferates but also protects, a world that broke down but also rises from its ashes. In addition, Voerman's work has an important critical component: the central perspective in his work is the search for alternatives and different points of view. In this way, Voerman's works always fulfill an imaginary world in addition to an aesthetic one.

Art fair
Art Noord V


28 September to 1 October 2023


Fifth edition of the Northern Netherlands art fair Art Noord with the participation of mainly Frisian, Groningen and Drenthe galleries and art dealers.


Relaties & Contrasten II


6 October to 31 January 2024 


The exhibition Relations & Contrasts – the collection of Hans and Cora de Vries was 'on display' from 7 March to 14 June 2020 in the west wing of Museum Belvédère. Due to the corona crisis, the Museum was forced to close its doors, so the exhibition could only be visited digitally. We are now three years further and are taking the exhibition Relations & Contrasts out of lockdown!

From 1969 to 2004, Cora de Vries (1944-2010) led the renowned Collection d'art gallery in Amsterdam, where many leading artists from the Netherlands and abroad exhibited. Parallel to the gallery policy, she and her husband Hans de Vries built up an impressive private collection. In doing so, the couple explicitly sought works of art that reinforce each other in relationships and contrasts. With works by Karel Appel, Armando, Gerrit Benner, Eugène Brands, Jean Dubuffet, Alphons Freymuth, Jan Schoonhoven, Willem de Kooning and many others.


Zoltin Peeter


6 October 2023 to 31 January 2024 


Born and raised in Amsterdam, artist Zoltin Peeter (1942-2019) settled permanently in Friesland in the early 1970s. The emptiness and silence of the landscape of North Friesland became his domain and base for traveling to even more northern regions in Iceland and Norway. The many sketches he made there, he elaborated in his Frisian studio into smaller and monumental drawings, in which writing and emptiness form a wonderful symbiosis.

Zoltin Peeter received the Gerrit Benner Prize for visual arts in 2010.