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A special museum for modern and contemporary art, beautifully located in Museum Park Landgoed Oranjewoud. Museum Belvédère has ANBI status and aims to be a home base for Frisian and Northern Dutch artists. Their work is shown in relation to the work of kindred spirits from home and abroad.


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Would you like to know more about the possibilities to donate? We will be happy to send you our new brochure Care about Museum Belvédère (Geef om Museum Belvédère) without obligation. You can request this by calling (0513-644993) or emailing (



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The Giving Act


The Donation Act has been in force since 1 January 2012, making it even more attractive to donate to Museum Belvédère. On the basis of the Giving Act, donations to cultural institutions are more attractive from a tax point of view. In concrete terms, this means that a donation of, for example, € 1000 per year, after deduction, will only cost you € 350 (assuming an effective tax rate of 52%).



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Periodic donation


Certain criteria apply to invoke the benefits of the Gift Act, but you can also opt for a periodic donation. A periodic donation covers a minimum period of five years.

If you lay this down by law, you will receive a tax benefit!




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Personal contact


Would you like personal contact or do you need more information? Please contact Corrie Oerlemans, Operations Manager of Museum Belvédère.