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Relations & Contrasts II

the collection of Hans and Cora de Vries


7 October – 11 February 2024  


In 2020, Museum Belvédère curated an extensive exhibition from the collection of Hans and Cora de Vries. Due to the corona crisis and a long lockdown, it was hardly accessible to the public. In a different composition, with several masterpieces that were not shown at the time, Museum Belvédère presents a follow-up to the ambitious project.

The exhibition Relations & Contrasts II – the collection of Hans and Cora de Vries is composed on the basis of stylistic relationships and contrasts. In the book that accompanied the exhibition, art historian and publicist Huub Mous attempts to explain this and place it in the context of an exciting time for the arts.

Collection d'Art Amsterdam 


From 1969 to 2004, Cora de Vries (1944-2010) led the renowned Collection d'Art gallery in Amsterdam, where many leading artists from the Netherlands and abroad exhibited.

Parallel to the gallery policy, she and her husband Hans de Vries built up an impressive private collection with important works of art. Their collection is composed on the basis of stylistic affinities and contrasts. Based on this principle, Museum Belvédère put together a completely new exhibition.


Artists on display: 


Karel Appel, Armando, Gerrit Benner, Eugène Brands, Jan Commandeur, Constant, Jean Dubuffet, Etienne Elias, Alphons Freymuth, Jaap Hillenius, Hans van Hoek, Willem de Koning, Willem van Leusden, Piet Ouborg, Har Sanders, Jan Schoonhoven, Toon Teeken, Thijs Rinsema, JCJ Vanderheyden, Bram van Velde, Co Westerik.

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The exhibition Relations and Contrasts II – the collection of Hans and Cora de Vries and the accompanying catalog were made possible by:

FB Oranjewoud
de Provincie Fryslân
en de Gemeente Heerenveen

New catalog!

Please note the catalog is in Dutch


The combination publication Relaties & Contrasten I & II – de collectie van Hans en Cora de Vries appeared during the exhibition in Museum Belvédère. It is a special combination edition containing the catalog that accompanied the exhibition in 2020, with texts by Huub Mous and the additional brochure (2023) with texts by Hans de Vries.

Details: Catalog (2020) sewn bound in hardcover | Additional brochure (2023): notebook, finished with notebook stitch.


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