east wing

8 Frisian Artists 


Harmen Abma, Willem van Althuis, Gerrit Benner, Boele Bregman, Jan Mankes, Thijs Rinsema, Jan Snijder en Sjoerd de Vries


Februari 11 - June 4 2023

The collection of Museum Belvédère includes many masterpieces by regional, national and international artists from the period 1900 to the present day, of which the recently published collection book Museum Belvédère - Collected Works Museum Belvédère - Verzamelde Werken is a good reflection. 


Since the museum was founded in 2004, the core values of the collection have been the modern and contemporary work of Frisian artists.


Most of them have already been honored in Museum Belvédère with a monographic exhibition.


In the presentation 8 Frisian Artists, the museum highlights eight Frisian oeuvres of which it has several works of art in its collection and of which it can now provide a representative picture.


Together they delineate the substantive playing field, which covers a variety of directions and styles, varying from semi-realistic to lyrical abstract.