large hall

Isabella Werkhoven -
Landscapes on the outer edge


January 26 to May 15, 2022 (half of the large hall)


The publication of her book and her cabinet presentation in Museum Belvédère last year formed a nice prelude to this larger exhibition by Isabella Werkhoven (1969). She finds inspiration for her paintings in urban landscapes – such as sports parks, swimming pools and public gardens – that have been abandoned by people. She captures them when the first twilight falls and nature is shrouded in mystery. Sometimes her urban landscapes seem pleasant to be in, at other times they are surprising and cause discomfort. 'Places change through Werkhoven's painting hand into dreamlike representations that can easily degenerate into something dark or fairytale-like,' noted art journalist Wieteke van Zeil about her work in the book about Werkhoven's painting that was published last year.

A publication by the artist is available in the museum's (web) shop!

Dianne Bakker -
Gardens of Earthly Delights


January 26 to May 15, 2022 (half of the large hall)


Dianne Bakker (1958) exhibits recent collage paintings and artist's books in Museum Belvédère. She usually situates her performances in paradisiacal environments. What seems so friendly with a cursory glance, loses all innocence when, on closer inspection, it becomes apparent that her landscapes are the setting for scenes in which power relations and abuse are central. With her work, which constantly moves between beauty and horror, seduction and voyeurism, Bakker exposes the wafer-thin semblance of human civilization.

Various publications by the artist are available in the museum's (web) shop!

Film double exhibition


Instead of a grand opening, Albert Jensma and Jan Bensliman made a short film about our new double exhibition by Isabella Werkhoven and Dianne Bakker, with interviews with the artists and Han Steenbruggen.

The film can be viewed here.

The double exhibition of Isabella Werkhoven and Dianne Bakker is made possible with the help of Provincie Fryslân and Gemeente Heerenveen.