Terms and conditions

online tickets

Purchased tickets cannot be refunded and/or exchanged.
It is not possible to order tickets by telephone.
You may enter the museum during the selected arrival time. After entering you can stay as long as you want.
You will only be admitted to the museum upon presentation of a valid e-ticket and any required discount card or voucher.
A pre-purchased entrance ticket is only valid on the date and time stated on it.


in the museum

If you suffer from health problems (cold complaints, coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath, fever) we cannot admit you to the museum.  You are welcome if you and your housemates have been free of complaints for more than 24 hours.
It is only allowed to come to the museum with more than one person if you have your own company (roommates).
There is a maximum of four people in a group. Children up to the age of 12 do not count.
Keep one and a half meters distance from visitors who are not part of your own company.
One-way traffic applies in the exhibition rooms; we ask you to keep to the left.
The museum café is exclusively for our museum visitors, of course in accordance with the applicable catering measures. Pay here or in the museum shop only with pin or contactless.
Take-away from the museum café may not be consumed in the museum, but is intended to be taken away from the building.
Group tours and packages are not allowed until further notice.
No more than one visitor per toilet block.


• We use your email to confirm the reservation.
• We may be asked by the GGD for visitor information (name and e-mail) in the context of source and contact research about Corona. We are obliged to cooperate with this.


house rules Museum Belvédère

The art objects may never be touched, unless it is explicitly stated that this is allowed.
Photography with flash and filming are not allowed. Photography without the use of flash and tripod (and for private use only) is allowed.
Eating and drinking in the collection rooms is not allowed
It is not allowed to consume food brought along in the vicinity of the Museum Café.
Tripods, Nordic walking sticks, umbrellas, etc. must be left in the cloakroom.
Backpacks and bags larger than A3 size are not allowed. Lockers are available for storage.
A walking stick is allowed inside. Due to the corona measures, it is temporarily advisable to leave your coat in the car and only bring a small bag.
A buggy, pram and wheelchair are allowed. Professional escorts of wheelchair users have free access.
Pets are not allowed.
The management of the museum is not responsible for any theft from, among other things, the cloakroom and lockers.
Instructions from the staff (and any temporary changes to house rules) must always be followed.