Egge Baarveld (1955-2006), Untitled, 2001, oil on panel, 124 x 182 cm
Museum Belvédère donation Martin Beljon

Exhibition and Artist Project
– Upstream


May 7 to September 25, 2022


Upstream – Exhibition

The excavated peat bogs have become polders, some swampy, others suitable for agriculture thanks to regulated groundwater levels. Where once, where now. Changing landscape painted and photographed.

In the exhibition Upstream, Museum Belvédère presents art from the collection that is somehow associated with the landscape between the fenlands of De Deelen and the river Tsjonger.

Upstream is a collaboration between five museums in Southeast Friesland: Museum Belvédère, Museum Dr8888, Museum Heerenveen, Museum Opsterlân and the Vlechtmuseum. Each museum organizes its own exhibition that reflects on (part of) the cultural history of the Southeast corner of Friesland.

Upstream – Artist's Project

In addition, Upstream organizes an artist’s project for young makers throughout the Netherlands. For artists who want to delve into the history and culture of Southeast Friesland. Among other things, by making contact with residents.

The urge of the five museums involved is to tell stories from the region centrally, in order to increase historical awareness and to give the area the attention it deserves. The artists then develop a work in their own discipline.

Involved museums


Upstream will take place during Arcadia, a cultural program that will last a hundred days in 2022.

Six artists chosen for the Upstream project


update March 2022 - Six artists have been selected from almost 80 entries who will delve into the Southeast region of Friesland in the coming period. Each artist is linked to one of the participating museums.


Artist Merijn Vrij is set to work for Museum Belvédère. In his work he is always looking for an addition to a location that can surprise. Vrij works with natural and men-made materials. He will respond to the environment of the museum. Ilya Ziblat Shay is an innovative composer who will work with Museum Dr8888.

Sanne van Balen has Frisian roots and tries to transform everyday things into poetic statements. She is linked to Museum Opsterlân. Inbal Ann Hershtig researches and questions institutions that create, facilitate and disseminate knowledge. She is associated with Vlechtmuseum Noordwolde.

In his video art, Pat van Boeckel investigates the intertwining between man and his (natural) environment. He also made a documentary about Domela Nieuwenhuis and will work for Museum Heerenveen, where the Domela Nieuwenhuis Museum is located.

Biologist and photographer Sara Engelhard is fascinated by the human influence on nature and the numerous traces that humans leave behind in their environment. It is linked to the Oold Ark Makkinga museum in the Ooststellingwerf area.