May 7 to September 25, 2022

In the exhibition Upstream, Museum Belvédère presents art from the collection that is somehow associated with the landscape between the fenlands of De Deelen and the river Tsjonger. With artworks by Coen Vunderink, Eric Beets, Dick van Arkel, Christiaan Kuitwaard, Sjoerd de Vries, Ids Willemsma, Françoise Stoop, Ronald Zuurmond, Dineke Oosting and others! 

Upstream is a collaboration between five museums in Southeast Friesland: Museum Belvédère, Museum Dr8888, Museum Heerenveen, Museum Opsterlân and the Vlechtmuseum. Each museum organizes its own exhibition that reflects on (part of) the cultural history of the Southeast corner of Friesland. 


Artist's project:
Merijn Vrij

Upstream also takes place outside the museum. For the artist's project associated with this exhibition, landscape artist Merijn Vrij is creating a new work based on the landscape. He spoke with Han Steenbruggen, the content director of Museum Belvédère, explored the area around the museum with employees of Staatsbosbeheer and went with a

forester into De Deelen, on a boat. He processes all impressions in an installation that will be finished on Sunday 29 May. In his installations, the artist works with the environment in which he finds himself and wants his interventions to relate to that (outdoor) space.
'You always have to deal with scale and sightlines', says Vrij, 'the common thread in my work is rhythm.' He has been asked to make a connection with the history of the area. He already has some ideas, but won't reveal them yet.